Sunday, July 22, 2012

Runescape Gold Generator 2013

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Runescape Gold Generator 2013. Runescape is a java based multiplayer (MMORPG) game developed and run by Jagex LTD. It has millions of active players daily. Out of these millions of members, around 1.5 million are paying members. Runescape has both free and paid subscription plans for its visitors. Any computer in the world  that has internet connections can join this game.

Where to get and how to use Runescape Gold Generator 2012

You can download Runescape gold generator from the link below. After downloading the program, you will be able to add free Runescape money to your account. The generator does not ask for any personal information, you will need only your Runescape username.

How to Use Runescape Gold Generator 2013

1. Download the program below
2. Extract it with Winrar
3. Click generator.exe file inside folder
4. Enter your Runescape username
5. Hit "Generate Money"
6. Check your account :)