Sunday, July 22, 2012

Skype Credit Generator 2013

skype voucher codes 2012
Skype Credit Generator 2013 is just another release from our powerful codes. With this program, you can easily add free skype voucher codes to your account. We have spent three months to develop this awesome application. The maximum amount you can generate free skype credits is $100. But the best part is that you can generate unlimited credits. This skype credit hack was not easy for us to reveal. We spent hundreds of dollars and hours in order to release this generator.

Free skype voucher codes for 2012 is already released. Now you can easily load up your skype account to enjoy unlimited calls to your friends, family members in your country and abroad. To add credits to you account, you just need to generate codes and then head to Skype redeem page. This is 19 digit code that will credit your account with money.

How to Download Free Skype Credit Generator 2013

In order to download Skype credit generator, first of all, read the instructions below, then scroll down the page and get the generator from the link below.You will be asked to do a simple task to unlock download page, this is done ,because we want to protect our software from leechers, and also we consider it as you thanks us for our hard work.

skype credit generator 2012

Instructions How to Use Skype Credit Generator

  1. Download Skype Credit Generator
  2. Unpack the folder using Winrar
  3. Click "skypecredit.exe" file inside folder
  4. Choose amount ( minimum is $10,maximum is $100)
  5. Click "generate" button
  6. Go Skype Redeem page and paste the code
  7. Call anyone in this World :)
skype voucher codes 2012